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Buying A Business

The process of buying a business can be a rewarding and productive experience. Venture Group Business Brokers will provide assistance to Buyers and contribute to the transition by offering expertise and guidance at every step in the process.

First, an interview is set up between the Buyer and VGBB to establish the Buyer's criteria and to determine his financial, business and technical abilities. A nondisclosure agreement, real estate agency disclosure and confidential buyer questionnaire are completed at this time.

The Buyer's specific criteria will be assessed in determining candidates for potential acquisition. The pertinent details including financial information and information on the process of buying a business is then communicated to the buyer. After the buyers research of the industry under consideration is completed, a visit to the seller business facility is arranged. VGBB will then work with the buyer to develop an offer. VGBB will act as an intermediary in negotiating the offer between the buyer and seller. After the completion of due diligence, the sellers attorney will prepare a contract of sale and forward to the buyers attorney for review. A closing date is then scheduled. VGBB will work with the buyer to secure the financing approval, transfer of licenses, the assignment of franchise rights, if any, and performance of due diligence for the specific company. At the closing the buyer picks up the keys to the business and begins his/her business ownership.
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